Friday, August 19, 2011

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

This video is looooooong, like an hour and a half, but if you're a sciency/mathy sort of person, you'll find this very interesting...or rather, eye-opening and shocking. Made me rethink about how much I was doing to help protect myself and my sons.

Sugar wasn't all that important to me, but I was indulging my kids. As of now, we're done with sugar at my house! And we're totally ramping up the fiber too!

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Georgia said...

Well, despite my renewed aversion to sugar, apparently when I drink wine, all reasoned intent to stick to the plan goes out the window. I ate a lovely, store-bought lemon pudding pound cake last night, and it was so damn tasty! Especially paired with the 2009 Rombauer Chardonnay!

Quite honestly, if there was one in front of me right now, completely sober, I'm fairly certain I could refuse it. But not after a glass, or three, of wine.