Thursday, June 3, 2010

The scale spoke sweetly to me this morning

Okay, when I started Pilates I weighed in at 320. After I went off the diuretic and bp meds, I went up to 332. As of this morning, I'm back down to 319! Downward progression in full swing again! And bp is still normal.

Stupid drug companies!

I'm taking the week off from Pilates because I've had a fever since Sunday night. Today I'm feeling better, so I'm getting ready to take the dog to the dog park.

Did I tell you about Chloe? She's a Jack-a-bee pup, Jack Russell/Beagle mix. OMG!!! She's going to ruin my house! My best defense is to exercise her often throughout the day, which is why I got her. Another support to keep my body moving. Because if I don't exercise her, she'll chew through all my stuff!

Anyway, next week, I'm going back to Pilates, three times/week. Plus the daily treadmill/rowing machine workout (45 minutes). And the split free weights routine.

I have nothing else to do. There's still no work for me in my hometown. Unless I want to process tomatoes and cherries.

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