Monday, January 11, 2010

So sorry to have stepped out, but...

Hi friends.  I just realized today how long it had been since I posted.  Nearly a month.  So sorry about that.  I have hit an emotionally rough patch in life surrounding divorce issues, I'm still dealing with some unresolved matters, and I need to take a little more time to get my act together.  I hope to be back, fully participating in my forward progress, very soon.

Divorce is hard.  It's a demoralizing process.  If anyone says that getting a divorce is a cop out from marriage, perhaps it is for some, at the moment, but it certainly isn't an easy thing to get through.

Still, I will survive, and so will my sons.  Can't say we'll be better for it.  Would love to say we'll be stronger for it.  Doing the best we can for now.

I am struggling with overeating these days, an old behavior I've relied on to numb intense emotions.  I don't like doing it!  I gained a little weight over the holidays and am now working at getting rid of that.  Have already dropped a couple pounds.  This week I'm going vegan, temporarily, so I can gain some control over fat and protein consumption.  I want to feel lighter, from the inside out.

Did you catch the PBS series on emotions?  Good stuff!  I highly recommend it!

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