Friday, January 23, 2009

The long-term vision

I'm back on track with my wellness efforts today. I'm feeling more at peace about some things in my life, and I'm feeling the need to make long-range plans. The ultimate destination does have some bearing on how I plan to get there.

With regard to my ultimate wellness vision, I'm told that my optimum weight is between 147 and 170 lbs. We'll see about that. As I get closer to that, like when I probably break 200 lbs., I'll be able to ascertain better what I'd like to set as a final goal. For right now, breaking 200 lbs. sounds like the best goal to have.

I was reading up on body lifts. Expensive little buggers! like up to $50,000. I guess I have some saving to do! I don't believe this is something insurance would be willing to cover. Anyway, some formerly obese people have had 10 - 20 lbs. of excess skin removed. Knowing that helped me to rethink my weight loss goal. Once I break 200 lbs., I can go in to have my body fat measured. If I come in under 25% body fat, I'll know that I have arrived at my destination. Then I'll have a few months of maintenance, and then I can get the excess skin removed.

So I have between now and then to get my body, and more specifically, my muscles, in peak condition. Because once I get my body lift, I want to be in great shape for optimum healing. It takes about eight weeks to recover from the surgery, since we're only talking about removing skin. I may have them liposuction some fat cells from a few spots that have been troubling areas (upper arms, inner thighs). And the girls, they're going to have to be put back in their rightful place.

What will this take?
1. Eating clean - as of now, I'm off all processed foods. I want to eat as freshly and wholesomely as possible. Organic is important as well. No sugar. Lots of water and vegetables.
2. Moving towards optimum cardiovascular health - I need to do some research on this.
3. Moving towards optimum physical fitness - Daily exercise that includes weight training and cardio, stretching and core development.
4. Emotional work - Learning to manage stress better, taking time to play, laugh, and be social.

I want the body lift to be the final step in my transformation. I want to become everything I want to be before I arrive there.

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