Friday, February 17, 2012

Swimmin', swimmin', just keep swimmin'...

No, I didn't take up swimming. That requires a bathing suit. Not ready for that. Just letting you know I'm still here, I'm still working the wellness strategies toward my goals. I've lost two more pounds, down to 293. A pound a month, that's all we get.

Let's see, what can I report on now...

I got a new glucometer this week. I started testing my blood sugar levels again, since I'm supposed to go see the doctor soon. This is why I quit using one after my first year as a type 2 diabetic...all the constant testing! Once in the morning after I get up, then 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours after eating something. I spent the day fasting yesterday and all my readings were over 120. They're supposed to be under 100. So now I'm concerned that I will have to go on Metformin. I struggled with feeling like a failure for a couple hours, but I'm over that now. It was only one day of testing. And it was a day after I had indulged in pizza and root beer (not something I do more than once or twice a year). So now I'm back to my Paleolithic/ketogenic ways. I'll try fasting once again next week and see if my numbers are better. A friend turned me on to Blood Sugar 101, which has very good advice for those seeking to manage bg on diet and exercise alone. It's been my experience that the diabetic community does more to support each other than the medical establishment has ever done. I think they're more knowledgeable too!

I've been hampered with my fitness routine lately. I started the Venus Index workout a few weeks ago and really love the workout I'm getting with it. I'm starting to see definition in my deltoids, my sons can really feel my biceps (wish I could see them!) and I'm now wearing a size 22 in my upper body (almost there in the lower body too!) It's all good! But then I really hurt one of my quads and had to take a break from lower body stuff for a week, then got sick for a week, and now my shoulder is sprained and I can't move my left arm. It's not from poor form. I was just greatly fatigued after workouts and I engaged in activities that put me over the edge, in both cases. I should be back to the full workout routine by next week...Pilates, VI and rowing/walking. And no more wrestling with the 14-year-old! Not good for Mommy!

I'm about to start gardening. It's a communal thing, at a friend's house. A group of us are getting together to work this garden. I'm starting the tomato seeds over the weekend. I usually get my "beyond organic" veggies and soy-free pastured eggs from Fresh Edibles Farm, a local CSA. But there are some items they don't grow, so I'm going to plant some fava beans (because I actually love the leaves for salad), edible amaranth greens, kai lan, and dandelions. Yes, dandelions, on purpose. 'Cause you know I go nuts for the greens! I think I want to plant some black-eyed peas. I like them when they're young, in a salad with tomatoes and red onions, dressed with olive oil and a little apple cider vinegar, some Greek oregano and a little sea salt. I've also got some seeds for a variety of zucchini that puts out more blossoms than zucchini. I wonder if I can put together a recipe for fried zucchini blossoms using coconut or almond flour. If it turns out, I'll post it in the recipe section.

I'll be going to some conferences for work soon. They're in San Francisco. I've made plans to stay in a hotel 1.5 miles away so I can walk to the conference and back every day. My hotel has a gym, but I don't like to use those. I'm packing my Pilates band, ring, 2, 4 and 8-lb balls, mats. I am sticking to my eating plan during the conferences. Not drinking alcohol either. Probably won't be testing my bg during the conference meetings, but I can still track that in the morning and after dinner.

Staying on track, feeling good!

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