Friday, October 17, 2008

I love cardio!

Well, not least not at the moment, because I'm really sore! But earlier this evening, I was walking around the indoor track at the gym, and I was using my little mp3 player with Cardio Coach loaded on it. I'm still on level one, but I'm up to four miles of walking now, and tonight, at about mile three, I was so into what the trainer, Sean O'Malley, was saying, and I felt so focused and actually, for the first time, felt really good about doing cardio. That was a milestone for me. A huge one.

By the way, I'm just six pounds away from breaking past 300 lbs. That's my goal for this month, to finally weigh less than 300 lbs. And never again weigh that much, ever. And I am willing to exercise my brains out for it.

I went to the gym tonight with my husband and son. My husband works so much that we hardly have time to be with him. And my son is off school for the next week and I decided he needed to see both his parents exercising and to join us. My husband belongs to an exercise group that does circuit training. He's lost 20 lbs. since July. He's experiencing his first plateau, ever. OMG! It's like no one has ever had a plateau before. All he would ever say to me in the past is something about calories in, calories out. He didn't believe in plateaus. Till now.

I'm really trying not to be snarky about it...

Ok, so, at first I didn't want to go to his group because I thought I would feel intimidated. But today, I made up my mind to go. I can't keep up with them, I know that. But I can do my own thing, something that is just as effective for me, and still be there, exercising. And that's what I did, five minutes of warm-up and stretching with them, then I did some of my own weight training routine, and then I went to the track to walk. When they were done in the gym, they met me at the track and ran some laps, and I continued walking. My son walked with me some, ran with his dad some, and then sat on a bench to watch us. And after I finished my fourth mile, he brought me a glass of water. He's already whining about having to go back on Monday evening, but we're going to do it.

I just realized that I exercised just as long as the circuit training group. Well, maybe someday I'll join in with them. But it looks really boring to me. I'd rather go dancing.

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